Fire Rescue teams at the race track and on the city streets demand rugged and dependable tools.

An American Success Story

The history of AMKUS is a quintessentially American entrepreneurial story. German immigrant, George Weigand, decided to pursue the American dream and open a business to import German-made hydraulic tools. His efforts were well-timed, and his business became a success. When the German company had a new product they wanted to introduce to the States – a high pressure hydraulic rescue tool – they looked to George to import and market it.
George found a receptive audience for the product within the fire and rescue community. However, when relationships with the German company changed, he decided to manufacture the rescue tools himself. The financial risk was not small, but just like any visionary who’s made a leap of faith, George put his future on the line and his heart into his business. It’s from those beginnings that AMKUS developed and eventually grew into one of the most revered and trusted names in the rescue equipment industry. AMKUS designed and manufactured tools that withstood severe fire service use and made sure to have the support in place for those tools to last for decades.


Today AMKUS Rescue Systems continues to develop and manufacture a wide range of hydraulic and battery powered rescue tools and accessories. With an in-depth understanding of the fire rescue service, AMKUS offers innovative and reliable solutions with unsurpassed support.

Innovative Solutions
AMKUS tools include innovative features that offer users distinct user benefits. AMKUS’ battery powered tools (ION® family), include DEWALT® FLEXVOLT® batteries that offer 60 Volt power at affordable pricing and the batteries can be shared with other tools on the apparatus. The short length and balance on all AMKUS tools increase operator safety and allow access to areas other brands can’t reach. The LINE tool family offers a wide range of models, each with unique features that allow for a quick response for even the most difficult extrications.

Unwavering Support
Since day one AMKUS has understood that it’s in a life-saving business. The tools are rugged, offering years of reliable performance. When service is required, we’ve extensively trained our employees, technicians, dealers and even customers to understand how the tools operate and how to efficiently repair them.

Wide Range of Options
The AMKUS family includes a wide range of battery and twin-line tools, struts, power units, and accessories. Many with optional features that are designed to help first responders perform more quickly and safely.

In 1984, AMKUS conducted a demonstration of its extrication equipment for NASCAR and Daytona International Speedway staff in Daytona Beach at a hotel parking lot not far from the beach. AMKUS supplied rescue tools that year to the Daytona International Speedway and NASCAR, and thus, a winning partnership was born.
Today, Track Services Safety Teams carry AMKUS Rescue Systems tools at every NASCAR-sanctioned event. In 2014 the AMKUS racing family expanded again, adding the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association), ARCA and IMSA. These relationships  continue and we believe that our relationship with professional motorsports is the ultimate proving ground for AMKUS product innovation.